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Grass Fed Beef Salami - Made Exclusively for Accent on Wine, Air Dried for 45 Days, 100% Open Pasture Year-Round

Speck - Naturally Wood Smoked Prosciutto

Prosciutto de Parma - Air Cured Ham

Rosette de Lyon - Sweet Style French Salami 

Black Pepper Dry Salami - White Wine & Garlic Salami Rolled in Black Pepper

Genoa Salami - Traditional Italian Salami Mortadella Classic Salumi w/Pistachios

Smoked Salmon - Classic Norwegian Smoked Salmon

Chorizo - Smoked pork, paprika and spices

 Pâté de Campagne - Country Style Pork, Onions, Garlic, & Spices

Duck & Orange Pâté - Duck Pâté w/Pistachios & Grand Marnier

Pickled Vegetables [Select Individually or Mixed] • Louisiana Pickled Okra • Spanish Caperberries in Vinegar • Cornichons from France • Spicy Pickled Brussel Sprouts Olives Blend of Black, Kalamata, Green, & Blonde Olives

Olive Oil Natural & Unrefined from California

Olive Tapenade -  Mediterranean Style Olive Spread

Hummus - Blend of Garbanzo Beans, Olive Oil, Honey, & Spices